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Learning & Development Workshops

2.5 Hour Virtual Workshop

Unconscious Bias Training

This 2.5 hour virtual workshop centers discussion and participation on understanding the key unconscious biases’ impact on the individual, interpersonal, and systemic levels. 


We share specific examples of the most common ways biases show up and become ‘normalized’ in our everyday lives–including microaggressions. Participants will leave with tools, stories, and strategies to leverage their awareness and challenge the oppressive impacts of unconscious bias. This foundational awareness is an essential component to eradicating, often unintended, oppressive patterns of behavior, structural policies, and procedures. 

Full Day Workshop

Intercultural Competence Development

This workshop is designed to inspire, challenge, and provoke serious dialogue around diversity, systemic marginalization, and the need for change agents. We will go over systemic racism’s prevalence in a culturally diverse country and the impacts it has in the workplace.

We will also discuss the ways in which building one’s cultural competence fosters a supportive and engaging place to work. We will then introduce the different phases of the cultural development process and provide resources on how to increase our individual and organizational intercultural competence.  
Throughout the workshop, we will also support genuine and authentic conversation­s – as it is an important process to achieve cultural understanding, racial healing and step towards greater inclusivity and justice.


Training Outcomes

  • Understanding of the different levels of cultural development

  • Awareness of how differing cultures can affect perception and interaction  

  • Engage in meaningful conversations with individuals, colleagues, community leaders and as a step in the journey towards a more inclusive, equitable and just community

  • The ability to appreciate and interact effectively with people of different cultures and backgrounds

  • Use the awareness and tools learned to leverage positive change at work and in one’s community by making more insightful and considered decisions

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Six Hour Virtual Workshop

Diversity in Behavior Styles

This workshop focuses on ways to build trust and respect in the workplace, create effective communication in the workplace, and embrace differences amongst colleagues. It will provide each participant with a personalized Behavior Styles Assessment that identifies their Behavior Style and helps one better understand the other Behavior Styles.

It also reveals how one’s Behavior Style can positively or negatively impact relationships with colleagues, leaders and clients. Promoting self-awareness and understanding how our differences contribute to a team’s success helps create a culture where diversity and inclusion is celebrated, productivity is at its highest, and clients experience excellence.

Training Outcomes

  • Complete an assessment to identify your Behavior Style

  • Gain awareness and identify the core needs of the four Behavior Styles

  • Develop skills to change behavior to build positive influence

  • Understand the difference between behavior and personality and how behavior changes situationally

  • Learn the difference between your intent and your impact

  • Discover options to manage tension-reaction behavior under stress

  • Create a high-performing team by understanding and developing the strengths of others

Custom workshops are available.

Every company operates in its own unique way. We can create

workshops that help meet your business goals.

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