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About Us

We are a Seattle-based, women-owned, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultancy, helping organizations design equitable systems for change.  We take a unique equity-centered approach by encompassing environmentally friendly practices for short and long term sustainable success.


Why do we encompass environmentally friendly practices? DEI initiatives serve to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and foster a culture of trust, collaboration, respect, accountability, and inclusion—they can increase social equity and company performance. In order to build sustainable social equity, we must acknowledge that environmental pollutants disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). It is important for businesses to account for their systemic contribution to these environmental pollutants that are major contributing factors in the production of health inequalities in marginalized communities. DEI strategies that incorporate environmentally friendly practices work towards reducing these inequities so that all employees are able to show up as their healthiest and best selves. 


The journey to becoming socially equitable and just is inextricably linked to becoming more environmentally friendly. At OFFSHOOTZ we know businesses can build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams whilst being accountable for their impact on the environment. This positions businesses for economic, social, and environmental success—holistically improving business performance and contributes to building equitable communities for all. We are here to help!

Meet The Team

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Brenda Suazo

Founder, Consultant 

Brenda brings ten years of professional experience building long-term leadership capacity within businesses, schools, and non-profits through the work of organizational development in diversity, equity, and inclusion. As facilitator and consultant, Brenda advocates for justice for people and the environment. 

She is the proud daughter of Salvadoran and Honduran immigrants and a first-generation college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and a master’s degree in Sustainable Development. She’s a native Spanish speaker born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, California and continues to learn and grow in Washington State.


As a consultant and trainer, she mixes the art of storytelling with culture sensitivity to facilitate collaborative decision-making, communication across differences, and analyses of systems of power to align organizations’ intent and impact.

She specializes in leadership and strategic planning development, creating diversity, equity, and inclusion training, and partnering with leaders to create and promote a culture of engagement and constant learning–while enhancing the company’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability. 

She is passionate about transformative justice,  environmental justice, food security, and disability inclusion.

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Taylor Perry


Taylor offers a unique lens with over a decade of curriculum development and implementation experience, along with high regard for her cross-functional expertise in promoting teamwork and collaboration.


She has invested her career in the education industry, advocating for inclusive and equitable care and training, designing customer engagement plans to appropriately reflect the diverse needs of the teams served, significantly enhancing the employee and customer experience.

As a mother to a young black man, Taylor finds it critical for us to stand in solidarity and advocate for a safe and Anti-Racist community. She believes that students of color need access to more equal opportunities, that inequities need to be addressed, and a cultural and social shift needs to happen.  


In her twenties, Taylor became a regular speaker and advocate for teenage parents — providing young parents with empowering words, credible resources, and the courage to lead by example.

Taylor’s accomplishments include returning to school after fourteen years to obtain her bachelor’s in Business & Human Resource Management, advocating for social justice education, and anti-oppressive workspaces for all.